The Smart Divorce

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Is there such a thing as a 'smart divorce?' Please enjoy this audio-only episode in which Justice Brownstone interviews Deborah Moskovitch, author of The Smart Divorce.

"This is by far, is one of my most personal and best interviews. I share details about what it’s like to be a single mother, the difficulties of choosing the”right lawyer” when you are too emotionally distraught, and the frustrations which go along with litigating. Justice Brownstone knows how to ask the right questions without being too invasive, he drew out the information in a smart way, so that I could share with you what drives me to educate others about having The Smart Divorce."
Deborah Moskovitch).


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By Family Matters - August 27, 2010


  • Deborah Moskovitch said

    When I discussed the divorce process with Justice Brownstone, I was looking at it more from an emotional perspective. You make a good point in terms of the family court system moving too slowly for many parties in the system -- that often is a frustration. However, my point is when an individual is not emotionally ready for the divorce process, often times they are not able to make rational decisions; they might want to make decisions based on revenge, shame, blame and so on. For example, if someone is still in the early stages of grieving their divorce and in denial - they might want to talk to their lawyer about slowing down the process until they feel emotionally stronger to handle conflict, and make smart decisions along with their lawyer. Sometimes it is possible, other times it is not. <br />A significant point I learned from many lawyers while researching "The Smart Divorce" was that divorce should be treated as a business transaction. If you are too emotionally distraught, it may be difficult to clearly evaluate options and objectives.

  • Logan said

    I found it interesting that Ms. Moskovitch was concerned that family lawyers may move the process along too quickly for some people.<br /><br />Since I've begun my articles in family law, one of the #1 complaints I hear from the public is that the family court system moves too *slowly*.

  • Julie said

    I think this was a very interesting and revealing interview. It is such an emotional process and I advocate for Mediation and counselling in most cases of separation or divorce. Family matters are best resolved by the families.

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