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    Ontario judge hits airwaves to sate appetite for legal info

    'I'm changing the judicial culture,' he says

    By Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun September 14, 2011

    Trail-blazing Ontario judge Harvey Brownstone is moving to television and dragging other jurists with him, as he single-handedly tries to transform judicial culture.

    The first Canadian judge to declare he was gay, the first to produce a best-selling book on marriage wars and the first to push the envelope with an Internet talk show, Brownstone says he is ramping up his charisma and flamboyance.

    The country's hidebound judiciary is holding its breath - how far will he go this time? Manitoba Chief Justice Richard Scott, chair of the Canadian Judicial Council's conduct committee, has already predicted "somebody is sure as heck going to file a complaint . about something the judge has said on the air."

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    By Family Matters - September 15, 2011
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