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  • Why Families Matter - by Deborah Moskovitch

    "Trailblazer” isn’t a term often associated with divorce professionals. With the divorce rate hovering around 50 per cent, and over a million children annually experiencing their parent’s divorce, it is critical that couples understand the impact of divorce on families, children, the individual and society.

    What I find most astounding is that the divorce rate rises with subsequent marriages ( – this only demonstrates that people are not learning from their mistakes, and/or not taking the time to understand their own needs and expectations. Divorce education is imperative. It’s easy to see why divorce has spawned a lucrative industry. Continued...

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    Oct 4 2011 11:52 PM
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  • The Smart Divorce

    This episode is no longer available. Please look for this season's episodes coming soon.

    Is there such a thing as a 'smart divorce?' Please enjoy this audio-only episode in which Justice Brownstone interviews Deborah Moskovitch, author of The Smart Divorce.

    "This is by far, is one of my most personal and best interviews. I share details about what it’s like to be a single mother, the difficulties of choosing the”right lawyer” when you are too emotionally distraught, and the frustrations which go along with litigating. Justice Brownstone knows how to ask the right questions without being too invasive, he drew out the information in a smart way, so that I could share with you what drives me to educate others about having The Smart Divorce."
    Deborah Moskovitch).


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    By Family Matters - August 27, 2010
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